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With the cancellation of so many cultural events in the last few months due to COVID-19, GCLCC has been considering what it would mean to organize an event safely and thoughtfully that can also bring people together. With this in mind, we have created our first scavenger hunt, with several components that allow for social distance yet remain eminently social.


The All Together Limitless event will be held on Saturday, June 5th. This adapted version of the scavenger hunt offers communities in Sarasota and beyond a chance to participate in a safe, fun, and interactive activity that will promote inclusion and diversity while supporting a beautiful cause.


At the GCLCC, we have been pleased to get involved with the Survivor Assistance Program. The program supports police, military, and civilian personnel affected by improvised explosive devices in Colombia.


The All Together Limitless is the paramount inclusion and diversity cultural exchange event for a week of fun. The "All Together" Exchange and Social Inclusion Camp will be developed under the coordination and coalition of the Gulf Coast Latin Chamber of Commerce, BlueTie International, the Intercultural Learning Center, local organizations, and the Shifting Gears United Organization. Our organization has the pleasure to be the managing ally for the "All Together" Exchange and Social Inclusion Camp held in Florida from June 2nd to June 9th, 2021. (West, Central, and South Florida.) This camp's purpose is to extend an invitation to 14 heroes in the initial stages of the survivor assistance program to participate in a whole adventure of cultural immersion and a life-changing opportunity. The camp's planned activities are designed to help the participants establish the necessary skills and abilities to develop capacities and help foster positive changes in their personal, family, and social lives.


The goal is to educate the greater community on the correlation between the efforts to eradicate illicit crop production and the sacrifices these individuals have made, along with generating awareness and ties to recognize and value the contribution of people with different backgrounds, experiences, capabilities, and perspectives.


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At: Nathan Benderson Park Sarasota, Fl


June 5th, 2021

9:00 AM


All Together Fitness

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